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EXACT Team and Contributors

Current Evidera Team
Principal Investigator and Senior Director Nancy Kline Leidy, PhD
Scientific Manager Elizabeth Dansie Bacci, PhD
Program Manager Sonja Stringer, MPH
EU Liaison Asha Hareendran, MA, PhD (London, UK)
Director, ePRO, Translations, and Scientific Advisor Lindsey Murray, PhD
SAS Programmers & Advisors Ray Hsieh, MA; Karen Malley, BA; Ren Yu, MA
Logistic Coordinator Tamaqua Nisbett, BS

The EXACT team can be reached by email at exactpro@evidera.com or by calling the Evidera Bethesda Office at +1 301 654 9729.


The EXACT-PRO Initiative® thanks all Evidera scientific staff for their contributions to the development and validation of the EXACT® and E-RS™ over the years. Including:

  • Laurie Roberts, Chris Sexton, Laurie Smith, Chris Thompson, Ingela Wiklund, and Teresa Wilcox


EXACT-PRO Expert Panelists
Senior Clinical Research Consultants & Co-Investigators: Affiliation:
Paul Jones, MD, PhD St. George’s, London
Sanjay Sethi, MD University at Buffalo


Expert Panelists: Affiliation:
James Donohue, MD University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Sonya Eremenco, MA CORE Translation Services*
Penny Erickson, PhD OLGA & Pennsylvania State University
Fernando Martinez, MD University of Michigan
Donald Patrick, PhD University of Washington
John Powers, MD George Washington University
Stephen Rennard, MD University of Nebraska
Roberto Rodriguez-Roisin, MD, PhD University of Barcelona
Holger Schünemann, MD, PhD University at Buffalo
Wisia Wedzicha, MD Royal Free & University College Medical School

*Affiliation as a panelist, now with Evidera.

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