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EXACT Team and Contributors

Current Evidera Team
Principal Investigator and Director Nancy Kline Leidy, PhD
EXACT-PRO Manager Elizabeth Dansie Bacci, PhD
EXACT-PRO Manager Lindsey Murray, MPH
EU Liaison Asha Hareendran, MA, PhD (London, UK)
Director, ePRO New Products & Advisor Sonya Eremenco, MA
SAS Programmers & Advisors Ray Hsieh, MA; Karen Malley, BA; Ren Yu, MA

The EXACT team can be reached by email at exactpro@evidera.com or by calling the Evidera Bethesda Office at +1 301 654 9729.


The EXACT-PRO Initiative® thanks all Evidera scientific staff for their contributions to the development and validation of the EXACT® and E-RS™ over the years. Including:

  • Laurie Roberts, Chris Sexton, Laurie Smith, Chris Thompson, Ingela Wiklund, and Teresa Wilcox


EXACT-PRO Expert Panelists
Senior Clinical Research Consultants & Co-Investigators: Affiliation:
Paul Jones, MD, PhD St. George’s, London
Sanjay Sethi, MD University at Buffalo


Expert Panelists: Affiliation:
James Donohue, MD University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Sonya Eremenco, MA CORE Translation Services*
Penny Erickson, PhD OLGA & Pennsylvania State University
Fernando Martinez, MD University of Michigan
Donald Patrick, PhD University of Washington
John Powers, MD George Washington University
Stephen Rennard, MD University of Nebraska
Roberto Rodriguez-Roisin, MD, PhD University of Barcelona
Holger Schünemann, MD, PhD University at Buffalo
Wisia Wedzicha, MD Royal Free & University College Medical School

*Affiliation as a panelist, now with Evidera.

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